Phrasal verbs

                   *Phrasal Verbs*
                      *(مرکب افعال)*
1⃣ *Branch out-* expand
(توسیع کرنا؛ پھیلانا)
E.g. We need to branch out into new markets.
2⃣ *Break into -* enter (with effort or force)
(کوشش یا طاقت کے بل پر) داخل ہونا
E.g. It is difficult to break into the American market.
3⃣ *Carry on –* continue
(جاری رکھنا)
E.g. John carried on working after the shop closed.
4⃣ *Close down -* stop operating
(کام کرنا بند کر دینا)
E.g. The company had to close down because of financial problems.
5⃣ *Look forward to -* anticipate with pleasure
(خوشی کے ساتھ توقع کرنا)
E.g. I look forward to meeting you next week.
6⃣ *Note down –* write
E.g. Note down the address so you don't forget.
7⃣ *Step down -* resign or leave (a position/job)
(عہدہ/نوکری) سے استعفی دینا یا چھوڑ دینا
E.g. The manager stepped down for family reasons.
8⃣ *Take off -*rise quickly
(جلدی سے اوپر اٹھنا)
E.g. Sales took off last quarter.

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